Updated: Sun Apr 14 13:10:32 UTC 2024

How HR Can Help Companies Nurture Talent And Foster Growth?

Human Resources |

Modern-day businesses operate in a cutthroat competitive environment. Organisations strive tirelessly to cut through the white noise and accelerate growth. The secret to business growth and prosperity is deeply rooted in hard work, consistency, and adaptability. Companies today have understood the criticality of hiring and retaining talent- people who have the ability to meet dynamic […]

Single Product Profitability. The Place To Start!

Growth |

This is one of the most overlooked metrics but the rather the most important one when it comes to growth.

CAC For Startups. How To Set Benchmarks?

Growth |

There is no perfect way to calculate CAC, when you haven’t been in the market. But here are some methods that might help when you are just starting.

What Is CPA & CAC? Why Are They Important?

Growth |

These two words CPA & CAC are becoming ever so important in the business world. Even though these words originated in the the startup world but now the business world has embraced them full. CPA : Cost Per Acquisition CAC : Customer Acquisition Cost What is it? So in short, Cost for acquiring a customer […]