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All you need to know about 3D Integrated Circuits


Repeated waves of major technological change and accompanying business realignment have defined the history of electronic design. Many businesses have failed as a result of their inability to anticipate and adjust to these powerful forces of change.  3D Integrated Circuits, a new technology, is being used to design multi-core microprocessors and memory integration. Everything You […]

A Boom For NFT Platforms In The Digital Era


NFTs are causing a stir in the art and gaming worlds, but what exactly are they? NFT is a relatively new technology that you may have come across while searching the internet for digital art and wondered about. In a nutshell, NFT is a unique string of codes that indicates ownership of digital content such […]

A Technology That Is Becoming Mainstream: High-performance Computing


Year after year, the technological advancements that pervade and enrich our daily lives continue to surprise and excite us. High-powered technology is proving that the future is now, from artificial intelligence sitting on our countertops (we’re looking at you, Alexa) to our touch screen-controlled Tesla sedans. High-performance computing (HPC), also known as parallel computing and […]

Integration of Applications with wearables!


This is usually the case when you bring your phone to your workout routine. It’s inconvenient because you have to hold it or put it in your pocket. Even though there are various types of phone belts available, wearing them would make you feel uneasy. There is, however, a solution: wearables!  Wearable devices such as […]

Building Apps For Foldable Devices


Have you thought about putting your tablet in your pocket? The smart fold is the way to go! Everyone realised that a new market trend had emerged after Samsung released the Galaxy Z Fold in 2019. Foldable devices, according to experts, will outperform modern smartphones, tablets, and even laptop computers in the coming years. Now […]

Organizational Decision-Making Becoming Easy With Decision Intelligence


Decision intelligence is a relatively new discipline that has recently gotten a lot of attention in the industry, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic and digital disruption continue to increase both business problems and decision-making processes are complex. Decision intelligence is emerging as a solution that can connect decision support, decision management, and complicated systems applications, […]