Updated: Sun Apr 14 13:20:26 UTC 2024

Disruptive Technology – What Is Blockchain? How Can It Help Companies To Engage Better With Their Customers?

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Blockchain is an emerging, disruptive technology that is changing how industries like banking and financial institutions handle and safeguard transactions. With the rapid proliferation of digital transactions through mobile devices as well as e-commerce platforms. The dynamic changes in the business landscape and architecture coupled with an uptick in online frauds have pushed the adoption […]

Why Low-Code And No-Code Software Is The Latest Industry Disruptor?

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Something new is always happening in the world of technology. The rise of low-code and no-code software is bringing sweeping changes and new opportunities in the digital world. Low-code and no-code software is the newest disruptor in the technology industry that is revolutionising how web and mobile applications are developed. Low-code and no-code platforms allow […]

The Importance And Impact Of Bridging The Digital Divide

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I don’t think anyone of us truly understood the necessity of bridging the digital divide until we were in the middle of a pandemic. The novel coronavirus compelled us to adopt a digital way of life. Individuals, communities, organisations, and governments had to rapidly embrace digitalisation. Digital transformation is helping organisations to ramp up operations […]

Website Page speed.. nothing less than 100%

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Over the years average page speed has been a key focus for a most successful business. But it has only got its mainstream importance ever since Google / Bing / DuckDuckGo has started penalising the slow page speeds. A lot of businesses are struggling to maintain the web presence they used to have or gain […]