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Visual Programming Languages – The Pros And Cons Of Visual Programming Languages

Visual programming languages |

Most of the commonly used and known languages in tech are textually based, for example, JavaScript, C++, Python etc. On the other end of the spectrum, we have visual programs that implement graphical elements rather than lines of code. Visual programming language (VPL) is a programming language that employs graphical elements and figures to create […]

Why Low-Code And No-Code Software Is The Latest Industry Disruptor?

Web applications |

Something new is always happening in the world of technology. The rise of low-code and no-code software is bringing sweeping changes and new opportunities in the digital world. Low-code and no-code software is the newest disruptor in the technology industry that is revolutionising how web and mobile applications are developed. Low-code and no-code platforms allow […]

Should Companies Digitise Core Businesses Or Build New Digital Ventures?

Digitalisation |

The challenge for modern businesses is to pursue rapid digital transformation in an ever-growing competitive landscape. Companies focus on digital transformation to bring in more revenue, create new opportunities, accelerate the pace of innovation, and improve performance. Depending on the business objectives and goals, enterprises must decide the direction of their digital strategies- whether to […]

Hybrid Cloud – What Is It And How Can Companies Benefit From It?

Hybrid cloud |

What is a hybrid cloud? Hybrid cloud is a combination of public and private cloud services. It may include on-premises data centres. Hybrid cloud allows data and information to be shared among different computing environments. Hybrid clouds combine the benefits of multiple types of cloud environments for greater efficiency and functionality within an organisation. The […]

The Importance And Impact Of Bridging The Digital Divide

Technology |

I don’t think anyone of us truly understood the necessity of bridging the digital divide until we were in the middle of a pandemic. The novel coronavirus compelled us to adopt a digital way of life. Individuals, communities, organisations, and governments had to rapidly embrace digitalisation. Digital transformation is helping organisations to ramp up operations […]

Cybersecurity – Securing Company And Consumer Data From Hackers

Data privacy |

In this digital age, the shift to digital technology has propelled cybersecurity to become a major concern for both organisations and individuals. With the increased frequency of cyber attacks, businesses of all scale must implement counter-measures to protect themselves and their users. Cybersecurity is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. According to statistics […]