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Why Loyalty Programs Are Crucial For Building Customer Trust And Loyalty?

Loyalty programs |

Customer loyalty programs are an important part of customer experience. It is a crucial part of a company’s strategy to keep existing customers happy and interested in the business. Dedicated loyalty programs serve as a driver for loyalty, customer retention, and profits. It incentivizes repeat purchases. Repeat purchases from existing customers yield a greater revenue […]

How HR Can Help Companies Nurture Talent And Foster Growth?

Human Resources |

Modern-day businesses operate in a cutthroat competitive environment. Organisations strive tirelessly to cut through the white noise and accelerate growth. The secret to business growth and prosperity is deeply rooted in hard work, consistency, and adaptability. Companies today have understood the criticality of hiring and retaining talent- people who have the ability to meet the […]

How To Develop A Strategic Business Plan For Development and Growth?

Growth strategy |

Propelling a business to success requires more than just business skills. It requires time, investment, market research, and a strategic business plan. There are so many roadblocks on this journey of success. Business leaders must have insight into market trends, consumer patterns, financial forecasts, domestic and international economic conditions, and other variables to efficiently allocate […]

How Next-Gen, Connected Products Are Changing The World?

Wireless technology |

The emergence and accessibility of wireless technologies, broadband Internet, smart products and complete software solutions are slashing connectivity costs.  More devices are being equipped with WiFi, Blue Tooth and integrated sensors as smartphone penetration skyrockets.  All of these factors are brewing a perfect storm for next-gen, connected products, which will play a central role in […]

Disruptive Technology – What Is Blockchain? How Can It Help Companies To Engage Better With Their Customers?

Technology |

Blockchain is an emerging, disruptive technology that is changing how industries like banking and financial institutions handle and safeguard transactions. With the rapid proliferation of digital transactions through mobile devices as well as e-commerce platforms. The dynamic changes in the business landscape and architecture coupled with an uptick in online frauds have pushed the adoption […]

How To Do Market Research?

Product development |

Market research is the first step to ensure that there are a market and a necessity for a product or service. A comprehensive understanding of the target audience, the specific market, and the motivations behind consumer behaviour and buying decisions will help companies to design better products and develop more apt marketing strategies. The chances […]