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Privacy – Privacy Rules Are Evolving. Here’s How A Business Can Keep Up


Whether you are a business or an individual, data privacy is a concern for all of us and cyber-security is of utmost importance for businesses right now. The induction of California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a general indication of the constantly evolving privacy landscape and stricter regulations on […]

Pricing Strategy – How To Price A SaaS Product?

SaaS |

For Saas companies, pricing strategy is a core part of the business which provides unique challenges and opportunities as the subscription-based pricing models require more thought into it. Pricing models determine the success of Saas products. Customers can churn and unsubscribe if they feel that the pricing of the Saas product is too high. So […]

Churn Rate – Listen To Your Customers To Reduce Churn Rate

Customer retention |

The secret to a business’s success is a fine balance between customer acquisition and customer retention. The mistake that most businesses make is to stay focused on customer acquisition. No doubt that customer acquisition is important for a company’s bottom line, but even more important than that is retaining your existing customer. Lowering the churn […]

Personalised Marketing – How Data And Customer Relationship Can Help You Deliver Personalisation?

Personalised Marketing |

Today, personalised marketing is the benchmark for marketers. Why is that? Well, it’s because the new generation of customers demands personalisation from every brand they engage with and personalised marketing is helping businesses to meet the high expectations of its audience. It has become a primary driver for marketing as well as business success. If […]

How much is your organic post reach worth?

Social |

I am sure that we all have had that one post, which got 100+ likes and 50+ shares and we start wondering if we were to do an ad, how much will that cost. As you can imagine I have wondered that few times myself and after doing a massive amount of research, I have […]

Robotics To Drive Growth

Robotics |

So, robotics might sounds like a pretty far-fetched idea but a bit of robotics can change the way you think about growth and can massively increase efficiency. This time around I will start with an example, of how I have done this previously and how simple and massively beneficial it was and then later we […]