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How To Make A Product Marketing Strategy Impactful?

Sales |

Product marketing varies from general marketing. It is an intermediary function between product development and product awareness. Product marketing managers specialises in product management, marketing, and sales. Successfully launching and selling a product requires in-depth knowledge of the target audience and strategic positioning of the product to create demand in the market. If you go […]

Cost Optimisation – Prioritise Strategic Cost Optimisation To Deliver Growth

IT |

The financial disruption caused by COVID means that marginal savings no longer cuts it for competitive organisations. The priority of CIOs today is to reduce IT costs and optimise the value of IT through strategic cost-saving initiatives. A strategic IT cost optimisation strategy must enable businesses to innovate and support long-term sustainable practices while reducing […]

Data Analytics – Use Data Analysis To Refine Your Customer Experience

Marketing |

Companies, big and small, are using big data to excel in every aspect of business and create differentiation to beat the competition. Data analytics has the power to drive growth with critical real-time information. It empowers marketers to improvise and enhance their campaigns instantaneously. Because of data analytics, organizations no longer have to wait for […]

Brand Advocates – Converting Brand Loyalists To Brand Advocates

Marketing |

Earning the customer’s loyalty is a virtue that every company seeks as validation for their success. Many factors help transform a customer into a brand loyalist; while some reasons are unique to each customer, there are common patterns as to why they may choose one brand over another and make repeat purchases over a long […]

Big Data – For Tech Giants, Big Data Comes With Big Responsibility


Words like big data and IoT are used a lot nowadays. What does it all mean? And what are the responsibilities of tech companies that handle big data? Data is gold in this digital age. Big data refers to the collection and analysis of large quantities of data produced by and about customers who avail […]

Ethical AI – Businesses Need To Build More Ethical AI

Ethical AI |

In light of the COVID pandemic, adoption of AI has become critical for business survival. AI systems are being deployed to enhance and scale-up customer service and sales operations whilst cutting down on labour cost and improving productivity. While AI is leading digital transformation in the business landscape, an important conversation needs to happen regarding […]