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Moving towards a secure environment; HIPAA-Compliant Meeting Software


Video conferencing is becoming more popular as more people use digital tools to communicate remotely, whether it’s to keep in touch with loved ones, manage workflow, or communicate with customers. The healthcare industry is no exception. A growing number of practitioners prefer to conduct their consultations online. This necessitates dependable video conferencing solutions that integrate […]

Quantum Computing- A new breakthrough in technology


The world of computing has advanced dramatically since the invention of the electronic calculator in the 1960s. In the field of information processing, the last few years have been particularly transformative. Without a doubt, quantum computers represent the next major advancement in computing technology. Their successful creation will be a paradigm-shifting achievement, altering humanity’s future […]

What should you know about Automated Risk Management?


Many business leaders are focused on increasing revenue and opportunities for growth, but they are less focused on limiting and managing risks (Risk management), which are slowly changing. Companies can’t afford a margin of error, especially when other stakeholders are involved because it could cost them a lot of money. Risk management can be facilitated […]

Home office as a driver for VR Applications


The pandemic has illustrated many industries that work from home is possible especially in the tech sector. With the arrival of COVID-19, the business world resulted in unprecedented development for many tech sectors.  In businesses, several new technologies and methods have been developing rapidly like virtual reality so that, despite the health crisis, industries may […]

Software-Defined Networks- A way to secure networks


In recent years, the foundation of network and system management has altered greatly.  SDN stands for Software Defined Networking, and it’s a networking architecture that aims to improve network control and flexibility. It is most commonly associated with the open flow protocol and the ODIN V2 wireless communication protocol. Its architecture is centralized, flexible, and […]

All you need to know about 3D Integrated Circuits


Repeated waves of major technological change and accompanying business realignment have defined the history of electronic design. Many businesses have failed as a result of their inability to anticipate and adjust to these powerful forces of change.  3D integration, a new technology, is being used to design multi-core microprocessors and memory integration. Everything You Need […]