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Being Open In The Market- Open Intellectual Property Movement


As indicated by the use of intellectual property landscaping, intellectual property strategy, which has traditionally focused on patent strategies in the manufacturing industry, is undergoing significant transformations in its role as a catalyst for business growth. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing a diverse portfolio of technology-based intellectual property. In order to deliver consistent, […]

Metaverse; A digital universe


If the previous century was remembered for mass production and the internet’s rise, the twenty-first century may be remembered for the creation and expansion of the virtual world or Metaverse. It’ll be much more enveloping, interactive, and collaborative than the internet has been so far. The term “metaverse” was coined with a portmanteau of the […]

Distributed Enterprises; A new leading trend in the business era


In multi-tier, multi-layer, and multi-agent scenarios, high-performing distributed systems necessitate the optimal processing of massive amounts of data across various network infrastructures, requiring data protection at all stages of interaction. You must be present where your customers are as your company expands and enters new markets. Expanding your business, whether through the opening of a […]

Data Fabric, An easy data integration tool


In today’s data-driven world, extracting actionable insights and information from raw data is critical. As data has become more diverse, distributed, and complex, data management and analysis have become a top priority for businesses. As a result, analysts and data scientists must use both traditional and modern techniques, such as artificially intelligent systems. In recent […]

Finally, a dream come true for Computers:- Natural User Interfaces


As a result of recent advancements in user-input technologies, the way we interact with digital screens is changing. Natural User Interfaces, or touch and motion-based interfaces, are increasingly replacing the mouse and keyboard (NUI). With the advent of 3D motion sensing technologies, the use of natural user interfaces rather than conventional ones has become a […]

A big leap for Businesses- Edge Computing


Have you ever been curious about how Google, Amazon, or your Apple apps work on a technical and digital level? Cloud computing is a type of data storage that stores massive amounts of data. Cloud computing is the process of storing and processing data over the internet without the need for direct active access or […]